Action Alert: Special Council Meeting

Important News about Boulder City Council Meeting on Building Height Restrictions

When: Thursday, February 26, 6:00 pm (please come as close to 5:00 pm as you can if you intend to sign up to speak)
Where: Council Chambers, 1777 Broadway

Will City Council overrule the citizens of Boulder and enact an extreme restriction on development this Thursday?

Will YOU join us in standing up for the average Boulderite, the ones who don’t have time to come to City Council or Planning Board meetings? If so, we need your help!

Everyone who lives in Boulder understands that development in some parts of the city – especially downtown and Boulder Junction – has been occurring at a fast pace lately. What’s with all those cranes and traffic diversions, your neighbors might ask?

Well, the answer is simply that the timing of real estate finance since the 2008 crash has led to a number of projects being constructed simultaneously – nothing more than that. We are fortunate that our economy is recovering with good jobs, and memories of only four years ago are running short. But change can be disturbing to some, and the city is certainly undergoing a number of projects at the moment.

The right response is for our City Council to step up and direct that change – the next projects – into areas of the city where they are welcome. Focusing where they can create vibrant new urban cityscapes, where transit and retail are desirable and can thrive. In fact, the regular update to the Comprehensive Plan is scheduled for this year. That’s the perfect process for making changes to our land use policies.

The wrong response is what Council will be voting on this Thursday night: Grind it to a halt. Specifically, the proposal is to halt nearly all projects higher than 38 feet anywhere in the city, for two years. Council would be unilaterally restricting the height limit even in those areas many agree should be denser, and cutting off progress toward the sort of mixed use urban design that makes housing affordable, the city vibrant and jobs plentiful – especially the creative, entrepreneurial jobs with good pay that Boulder has received national accolades for having.

No matter what you think of the buildings going up around town, we need your voice to tell Council that an extreme overreaction like this is not best for the city. So far, in this brief process, those pushing for no growth – or even negative growth – are winning the day by showing up. We need to reverse that.

Are you with us?

If you are, here’s what you can do:

Boulder is unlike any other city we know, and we like it that way. But trying to freeze a whole city in time never works. You just end up freezing OUT the young and the less wealthy, the vitality that makes Boulder great. There is a better way.

Posted on February 23, 2015 in Action Alerts, Growth

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