Open Boulder Opposes Two Growth-Related Ballot Initiatives

Open Boulder Opposes Two Growth-Related Ballot Initiatives


Boulder, COMay 27, 2015 – Open Boulder and Open Boulder Foundation, sister organizations founded in 2014 to help those currently left out of local decision-making get more involved, and to advocate on their behalf, voted today to oppose two recently proposed, growth-related ballot initiatives.

The so-called “Developers Pay Their Own Way” and “Neighborhood Right to Vote” initiatives are overreactions to the challenges of fast growth, and the negative impacts of uninspiring design in the City’s newly densifying areas. And these initiatives violate the first principle of good policy: Don’t make things worse. Both initiatives are designed to stall or stop progress, so that the City never achieves the efficient, convenient, compact vision that has been its stated goal for years. They are the wrong “solution” to the wrong problem.

“Boulder already has a huge problem with the cost of housing. Too many people that form the backbone of our economy and are central to the City’s energy and vitality are increasingly priced out of living here, which negatively affects diversity” said OB/OBF Executive Director Andy Schultheiss. “There may be no one solution to this crisis, but these initiatives surely will make things even worse.”

Specifically, the “Developers Pay Their Own Way” initiative would create a lawyers’ dream: a web of lawsuits over definitions of the “diminished services” for which builders would have to compensate the City. And it would ignore the positive impacts of new housing, jobs, and retail opportunities. “Neighborhood Right to Vote,” an attempt to mire all development proposals, good or bad, in messy micro-local elections, would turn the City into a not-in-my-backyard playground.

About Open Boulder

Open Boulder is the voice of Boulder-area citizens who came to this community to “live, work and play,” and who want to ensure that the amazing assets that brought them here are open for all for generations to come. Our agenda covers issues Boulder residents care most about: cost of housing, transportation, open space management, arts funding, and the maintenance of Boulder’s extraordinary entrepreneurial culture.

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Posted on May 28, 2015 in Growth, Press Releases

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