Open Boulder Conditionally Supports “Rightsizing” Pilot Project

Open Boulder Conditionally Supports “Rightsizing” Pilot Project


Boulder, COJune 15, 2015 – Open Boulder and Open Boulder Foundation voted yesterday to support the City’s “rightsizing” pilot project with certain conditions.

Open Boulder supports policies that facilitate and encourage convenient, sustainable and safe transportation in and around our community. Open Boulder also believes in the use of data and empirical evidence to make decisions in this and other policy areas. The proposed “rightsizing” pilot project provides an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness, traffic impacts, and safety implications of rededication of road lane space to bicycle use under the City’s Living Lab program. We support the benefits “rightsizing” hopes to attain, and conditionally support the pilot project with clear expectations of the City. Namely, the City must:

  1. pre-establish its criteria for evaluating the pilot project (Note that the “criteria” listed at are not criteria, per se, but instead outline data collection methodologies. So, for example, what are the criteria against which these data will be evaluated to determine pilot success or failure?);
  2. be transparent with the data and feedback received during the pilot project;
  3. be responsive to needs that may be identified during the project, including the needs of drivers and businesses that depend on other modes of transportation (e.g., maintaining existing dual turn lanes);
  4. explore and evaluate every available option for adding new, dedicated bike paths in lieu of rightsizing existing roadways; and
  5. be committed to the inherent “temporary/date-certain” nature of the pilot project, and be fully prepared to revert to previous lane configurations and usage should the data and feedback suggest this.

Ultimately, even if it proves successful, “rightsizing” should not be a be-all and end-all solution. The City needs to continue to explore other – perhaps even more effective – ways that we can reduce the need to drive and encourage more people to bike, walk or bus around our community.

About Open Boulder

Open Boulder is the voice of Boulder-area citizens who came to this community to live, work and play, and who want to ensure that the amazing assets that brought them here are open for all for generations to come. Our agenda covers issues Boulder residents care most about: making our government more representative, accountable and inclusive, housing more attainable, transportation more sustainable yet convenient and safe, open space more open, arts and culture a more integral part of our community, and Boulder’s entrepreneurial culture even more extraordinary.

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Posted on June 15, 2015 in Governance, Press Releases, Transportation

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