Action Alert: NTSA

– For Open Boulder Members Interested in Open Space –

We have until Wednesday, January 13, to tell the Open Space Board of Trustees (OSBT) that balance matters to us in managing our open space system! Prior to then please send your comments to OSBT by clicking here to send an email.

Open Boulder believes that the correct way to manage a beloved system of open space near major population centers is with balance and objective science. That is, to balance recreational access with scientifically backed closures when necessary for conservation purposes. We believe that because it distributes recreation use so the land doesn’t become congested, and because the only way to make sure Boulder supports its open space program into the future is to encourage people to enjoy it, now.
All year, we have been working with OSMP on a new management plan for all its lands north of Iris Avenue. This includes the Wonderland Lake area, Boulder Valley Ranch, Joder Ranch (the newest jewel in the system’s crown), and several other parcels stretching almost all the way to Lyons. It’s called the NTSA – the North Trail Study Area.

OSMP recently announced they are down to two “scenarios,” which are each complete plans that take different management approaches. Here they are:

Scenario A

Scenario B

You can also find a chart with differences (although it’s fairly hard to read), here.

Here’s what Open Boulder, with our coalition of recreation and conservation groups thinks:

  • Scenario B is by far the better starting point. You will notice several differences between the two scenarios, but the big one is the location of the connector trail between North Boulder and Joder Ranch. We believe leaving the trail West of US 36 is not only easier and cheaper (you don’t have to cross the highway) but more interesting for users. Plus there’s already a railroad grade for much of the way (and it’s often used despite not being an official trail). We can design and build a trail that does not interfere in any significant way with the important conservation values in the area. This is the single most important message to send to OSMP.
  • Scenario B, however, cuts back severely on access to dog owners. We would like to see an adjusted Alternative B that allows regular voice and sight access to the loops west of Wonderland Lake, as well as the interim Joder Trail, and Buckingham Trail.

Again, please take a few moments today to send an email to OSBT by clicking here!

Posted on January 8, 2016 in Action Alerts, Open Space

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