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– Help us Keep the Northern Open Space Properties Open for Recreation! –

Here’s Open Boulder Board Member and co-Founder Brady Robinson, on what’s at stake in the North TSA process, up before Council on June 7.

We’re at the end of the process, finally, on the North TSA. This odyssey began more than 12 months ago. For 9 of those months, Open Boulder and our coalition of recreation groups – Boulder Mountainbike Alliance, FIDOS, Boulder Trail Runners, Boulder County Horse Association, and Boulder Area Trails Coalition – participated in long evenings with the Open Space Board of Trustees and staff. It went on hikes, and ground-truthed maps full of suggestions for new and improved trails in the NTSA area. We invited you to participate and got hundreds of comments in to Trustees. Even though we won far from all the disagreements, we generally accepted the Trustees’ compromise. In any case, it felt far better than the West TSA!

But now, it’s all up to City Council. And all that work could be for naught.

What we need now is for every last Boulder resident who enjoys recreating on our Open Space system, and who agrees that balance between conservation and recreation ought to be the principle upon which management is based, to weigh in. It’s literally now or never.

The central message is that the Board of Trustees compromise should be respected, or at most fiddled with at the margins. The primary complaint of those opposed, a trail the Trustees approved that would connect North Boulder to Joder Ranch along the West side of US36, is overblown to say the least. It’s far superior as a recreational asset than the alternative, the so-called Eastern alignment, which would cross that busy highway (twice, in fact!) There is no comparison, and ecological damage from a single-track trail with no off-trail usage will be minimal. Especially since the area is used extensively even now (much of the Western alignment is on an old railroad grade; no doubt many of you have been on it).

So here is your menu of action items. Pick a couple (or more) and commit to them!

  1. Sign our petition, here.
  2. Send around the link to this alert, and especially Brady’s video.
  3. Write a note to City Council ( goes to all nine)
  4. Write a letter to the editor of the Daily Camera (250 word limit, to
  5. Come to Council chambers on June 7, at 5:30pm, and count on being there all evening to deliver a message in person.

Thank you for your help!

Posted on May 12, 2016 in Action Alerts, Open Space

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